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Shale Oil: the Next Energy Revolution
Our efforts to gain full membership of the Washington Accord

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Here are some updates on our efforts to gain full membership of the Washington Accord.

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Social Responsibility and Engineers’ role

According to Wikipedia, Social responsibility is an ethical theory that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act to benefit society at large.

What I want to discuss here is not merely our professional duties but something more than that. I have witnessed our engineering students undertake lots of such social responsibilities through their voluntary organizations such as Leo Club, Rotaract Club etc.

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Shale Oil: the Next Energy Revolution

Oil shale, also known as kerogen shale, is an organic-rich fine-grained sedimentary rock containing kerogen (a solid mixture of organic chemical compounds) from which liquid hydrocarbons called shale oil (not to be confused with tight oil—crude oil occurring naturally in shales) can be produced. Shale oil is a substitute for conventional crude oil; however, extracting shale oil from oil shale is more costly than the production of conventional crude oil both financially and in terms of its environmental impact.

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Wearable Computing: The Next Generation

Wearable computers, also known as body-borne computers or wearables are miniature electronic devices that are worn by the bearer under, with or on top of clothing. This class of wearable technology has been developed for general or special purpose information technologies and media development. Wearable computers are especially useful for applications that require more complex computational support than just hardware coded logics.

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Mathematics Education – Past, Present and Future

I first knew the name J. E. Jayasuriya when I was probably 3 or 4 years old. I continued to hear that name in my household, always associated with three Sinhala medium books ගණිත නව ෝදය (Ganitha Navodaya), වීජ ගණිතය (Veeja Ganithaya) and සීඝ්‍ර ජයාමිතියය (Seegra Jyamithiya), on a regular basis for many more years before I comprehended who that person was.

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Do you know him, the SIM?

With the wide spread usage mobile phones, almost all users of mobile phones can identify a SIM which is inserted into the phone, which allow one to start telecommunication. But do all of them know what is carried inside a SIM?  How does it connect you? I doubt at least, three in a crowd of four will not know and most will not mind not knowing as long as they can make calls and send text messages….


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Junior Inventor of the Year Competition 2014

Ten (10) Junior Inventor of the Year Competition Winners who will participate at the Sri Lanka Science and Engineering Fair (SLSEF) to be held at the Wimalsurendra Auditorium of the IESL on 25th Match, 2014.

The Winners at the SLSEF have the opportunity to be selected to participate at the Intel Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2014 to be held in Los Angeles, USA, in May of this 2014

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