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Eng. Nihal kularatna
Establishing the strategies that solving some of the core issues faced by our profession

In this issue of the Digital SLEN I would like to update you on progress’ being made in establishing the strategies that I proposed for solving  some of the  core issues faced by our profession, especially by our practitioners in the provinces. In my previous ‘corners’ I had highlighted the importance of establishing Planning Circles to consult among ourselves, as professionals,  to find solution to our engineering problems.

Watch the President's Corner video.

Safety in Schools and Engineers’ Responsibility

Daily Mirror on 21st January reported “An eight-year-old student of Ananda College, Colombo was fatally injured after being pinned against a wall by a lawn roller in the school premises”.

What a shocker; it made the entire country mourn. That story depicts the sad situation in the school sector regarding the safety towards the students, especially kids. In the city or rural areas, wherever, safety concerns are not properly addressed. Read more >>>

Sri Lankan Engineering Innovator Recognized in New Zealand
eng. nihal

Eng. Nihal Kularatna won the Engineering Innovator of the Year Award at the New Zealand Engineering Excellence (NZEE) Awards 2013 held on 27th November, 2013.


The award was in recognition of his work on improving the efficiency of energy storage systems while also improving power quality issues. A product of the University of Peradeniya he is now an academic at the Waikato University in New Zealand with patents pending for two techniques he developed. Read more >>>

World Wide Web

 A roundup of things to come in the future gathered from reputed websites in the world wide web  brought to you by  your Digital SLEN. New discoveries, inventions, , products, processes, procedures or whatever else that may change the way we live in the future …..
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How far Up-country Vegetable Farmers can survive under present participatory irrigation management practices
How far Up-country Vegetable Farmers can survive under present participatory irrigation management practices

In Sri Lanka Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) practices dates back to ancient king’s time. Owing to setbacks during the colonial rule the modern participatory management practices have been introduced since 1980s emphasizing the needs of joint decision making between line agencies and farmers, proper water management, maintenance of the systems with the involvement of farmers, and environmental management. Read more >>>

Solar Power for Home and Office Use

The definition of solar energy is simple: solar energy is the energy emitted from the sun. Most people understand that the sun gives life to all things on this planet through its energy, seen as light and felt as heat, but the sun also produces many other things.

The source of solar energy is the nuclear reaction in the center of the sun, continuing for billions of years. Photons are created through the fusion of two Hydrogen atoms to form one Helium atom in the sun's core. They will eventually be what generates solar power, but not until they are able to escape from the sun.

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Are You Ready? 2013 : University of Moratuwa exhibiting the career opportunities

The University life is one of the most remarkable times of all. But the life afterwards with a new society to live on, is remarkably important to build the future. So choosing the correct career and handling it correctly is little bit strange to a new comer to the corporate society. With the prime objective of breaching the gap between the corporate sector and the undergraduates, the University of Moratuwa hosted their Official Careers fair recently. Read more >>>

IESL, JIY Competition Promotes Global Competition Through Intel ISEF
Engineering Excellence Awards, 2014

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