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 National Engineering Heritage Gallery - A concept of the IESL
National Engineering Technological Heritage Gallery
Intricacies involved in the National Engineering Heritage Gallery   Structural Peculiarities of Jetavana Stupa
National Engineering Heritage Gallery   National Engineering Heritage Gallery

Eng. Ranjith Gunawardana, Past President of the IESL and Chairman of its Museum Committee speaks of the intricacies involved in the final realization of this dream.


  To exist till the Sun and the Moon exist. Structural Peculiarities of Jetavana Stupa explains Eng. Sanjeewa Wijesinghe.
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Engineering Marvels of Sigiriya   Functionality of Bisokotuwa - Archival Sources & Hydraulic Analysis
National Engineering Heritage Gallery   National Engineering Heritage Gallery
The Archeological Wonder of Sri Lankan City Planning, Arts, Gardenscaping, Engineering and Hydraulic Technology of the Sigiriya - by Eng. Chandana Jayawardhana.  

BISOKOTUWA - The ingenuity of the Sinhala irrigation Engineers. Functionality of Bisokotuwa explains through Archival Sources & Hydraulic Analysis by Eng. Kapila Peris.


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Eng. Shavindranath Fernando
Eng. Shavindranath Fernando


In this inaugural President’s Corner of my presidency it’s appropriate, I think, to declare the future that I foresee for the IESL as its President. Bringing back the glory that was IESL by focusing more attention on excellence in professionalism, consolidating upon achievements of my predecessors and the pursuit of a higher plane of international recognition for the IESL would be prime objectives of my tenure.


Watch the President's Corner Message video.

Are you reading digital SLEN...?

Can you remember that there was a questionnaire survey conducted by IESL recently? It had two questions about Digital SLEN;


Since August 2013, New IESL Digital SLEN arrives twice a month to your email box with multimedia clips, up to date news, featured articles that are of original content, field photos, etc. What is your perception about it?
What do you want to see in Digital SLEN?


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Cloud TAP - an innovative Sri Lankan Software Solution
Dinesh Saparamadu

mChoice™ Cloud TAP, the ‘First-of-its-kind’ in cutting edge technology is an innovative solution hSenid Mobile introduced to solve the problems that Telecom Operators are facing, by helping them to democratize the development of subscriber created applications.


Through democratizing the development of applications with the use of this turn-key solution, Operators will be able build developer communities and a plethora of applications that keeps on growing each day which are pre-built and makes go-to-market faster.


Watch the video of CEO/Founder of hSenid Group Mr. Dinesh Saparamadu.

Cyclones and Storm Surges Pose a More Frequent Threat than Tsunami by Eng. (Dr) J. J. Wijetunge
Tropical cyclones

Tropical cyclones are low pressure systems that for mover warm tropical ocean waters and have sustained winds of 62 km per hour or greater near the centre.  A satellite image of the tropical cyclone Nisha as it passed over South India and Sri Lanka in November 2008 is shown in Fig. 1. Many of these cyclones make landfall and can cause considerable loss of life and damage to property.


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Technologies That Change the Way We Live - By Eng. Sarath Weerasinghe
Technologies That Change the Way We Live

When the first IBM PC came in to the Personal Computer market 32 years ago it looked like a powerful machine one could own and that could be used at home. It only had a 640K Bytes of RAM (Random Access Memory) and 256K Bytes of ROM (Read Only Memory), and was running at 4.7 MHz clock speed. It had floppy disk drives and a monochrome display unit, with the XT model introducing 10 M Byte hard disk. Since then, the personal computers and similar devices have evolved immensely.


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