Professional Affairs Committee

1. Preparation of professional standards and updating the existing standards.

2. Identify important areas such as Power, Water and ICT and appoint committees from relevant organizations in the industry, identify policy gaps and changes required for sustainable development, and formulate policies where necessary, in order for the IESL to present to the government.

3. Matters related to establishment and coordination with Foreign Chapters of IESL.

4. Have a relationship with engineering trade unions and interact to solve problems related to professional affairs of engineers.

5. Negotiate with the government to look after the interests of engineers where

6. Monitor the recruitments, promotions, salaries etc in the public and private sectors and take appropriate action if transgressions are indicated.

7. Make proposals to the government annual budget.

8. Actively involve on engineering issues such as SATIS, CEPA, ICTAD etc.

9. Take appropriate actions to obtain necessary approvals for the engineering Council Act and amendments to IESL Act.

10. Liaise with other professional bodies, statutory Boards, Councils etc. to ensure representation of IESL in those organizations at decision making levels, and monitor participation and receive feedback of IESL nominees.


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