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  • 21 Oct 2016 9:57 AM | IESL (Administrator)

    Technical Conference of Young Members of the  110th Annual Sessions of the IESL was held on Wednesday, 19th October, 2016 at the Wimalasurendra Auditorium of the institution. The conference provides all young members  of the institution a forum to present their technical papers and discuss engineering related topics with industry professionals. It is also aimed at promoting interaction among the young members of the profession providing a platform for broad basing their knowledge on specific subject matters. All  Associate Members below 35 years of age and all  Student Members are eligible to submit papers. The Panel of Judges for the conference consisted of Eng. (Dr.) U.P.  Nawagamuwa – Chairman, Eng. V.B. Wijekoon, Eng. B.S. Samarasiri and Eng. L.G. Samarawickrema.

    All presenters were issued certificates at a certificates awarding ceremony at the end of the presentations  session. Eng. Meegoda, President of the IESL for 2016 / 2017 session distributed the certificates.

  • 17 Oct 2016 7:18 PM | IESL (Administrator)

    The FEISCA Regional Seminar on the theme “Sustainable Development in Water Sector to Ensure Potable Water and Water for Food Security despite Climate Change – Challenges and Solutions’ was held by IESL in association with Federation of Engineering Institutions of South and Central Asia at the Mihilaka Medura, BMICH on Saturday - October 15, 2016 commencing at 09.00 a.m. Country presentations from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal were interspersed with presentations by the Irrigation Department, Greater Kandy Water Supply Project  and Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka. It is noteworthy that Eng. Jayavilal Meegoda who was inducted as President of IESL at the inauguration of its 110th sessions the previous day now also concurrently holds the Presidency of the FEISCA, to which post he was unanimously elected at the 14th General Assembly of the FEISCA held on 18th February, 2016 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    The lighting of the traditional oil lamp and national anthem was followed by the Welcome address by Eng. Wimalasena Gamage, President of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka.

    The Keynote address on ‘Sustainable development in water sector despite  climate challenge’ was delivered by Dr. Kalanidi Vairmoorthy, Applied Research and Knowledge Transfer, International Water Management Institute (IWMI).

    The Guest Speech on ‘History of Japanese Water Works and Lessons for South Region’ was jointly presented by Mr. Ken-Ichi TOGARI, Mr. Jun MATSUI, Mr. Makoto MATSUSHITA and Mr. Takahiro YAMAGUCHI, Japanese Experts from JICA.

    The presentation on ‘Irrigation Water Management to Ensure Food Security by Irrigation Department despite to the Climate’ was by Eng. S S L Weerasinghe, Director General of Irrigation.

    The presentation on ‘Water Conservation through Regulatory Measures and Proper Plumbing Practice’ was by Eng. P H Sarath Gamini,  Project Director, Greater Kandy Water Supply Project.

    Presentation on ‘Water Management in Mahaweli Area’ by Eng. Sadun Galappaththi, Civil Engineer, Water Management Secretariat, Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka

    The country presentation by Er. G.P. Gorkhaly,  the Institution of Engineers, Nepal was on ‘Sustainable Development In Water Sector To Ensure Potable Water And Food Security Despite Of Climate Change’.

    The country presentation on Sustainable Development in Water Sector to Ensure Water & Food Security, Challenges & Solutions’ was by Dr. Izharul Haq, Institution of Engineers, Pakistan.

    Country presentation on ‘Water Use and Scarcity for Ensuring Food Security in the Context of Climate Change’ by Prof. Dr. Engr. M. Habibur Rahman, Engineering Institution of Bangladesh.

    The Morning Session was chaired by Eng. (Prof.) D.A.R. Dolage. The afternoon sessions which commenced after Lunch Break was chaired by Eng. (Prof.) Niranjanie Ratnayake, President Elect of the IESL.

    The seminar ended with Vote of thanks proposed  by Eng  Neil Abeysekera, Director (Membership) IESL.

  • 15 Oct 2016 3:50 PM | IESL (Administrator)

    The 110th Annual Sessions of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka was ceremonially inaugurated on Friday, 14th October 2016, at the Main Hall, BMICH in the presence of a large gathering of over a thousand participants.

    Hon. Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremasinghe  graced the occasion as the Chief Guest while Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka, Minister of Megapolis and Western Development was the Special Guest. Mr. Khoo Teng. Chye, Executive Director, Centre for Liveable Cities, Ministry of National Development (MND), Singapore  was the Guest of Honour. Foreign delegates from sister organizations in India,    Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal also participated in the event.

    Speaking at the event the Chief Guest, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe while appreciating the role played by engineers also laid out the country’s wider expectations of its engineers for its sustainable development. He mentioned the country’s choice of a knowledge based economy and the need to widen the scope for teaching technology so that students of the arts stream too would have  the choice of selecting science / mathematics as a subject. He expressed his support for a single body to regulate the practice of the engineering profession through the Engineering Council Bill currently with parliament and said that he wants the engineers produced by the country to be second class to none. 

    Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka, Minister of Megapolis and Western Development in his speech stressed on the technological advancement sought through the  knowledge based development aspect of the ministry’s programme. 

    Mr. Khoo Teng Chye, the Guest of Honuor, in his speech related the Singaporean experience of sustainable development and the contribution Singapore is making towards urban development in Sri Lanka. 

    The highlight of the inauguration of annual sessions held in October of each year is the handing over of the mantle of presidency to the incoming president by the outgoing president after a reign of I year as president from October of the previous year.

    Eng. Jayavilal Meegoda, was inducted this year as President of IESL for 2016 / 2017 sessions. In his inaugural presidential address at the event he laid out his plans for rapidly advancing on the institutions stated missions towards achieving its vision.

    Eng. Wimalasena Gamage, the outgoing President in his speech while describing the achievements of his session also stressed on the need for a paradigm shift in the role of the engineer from control of nature to participation with nature in the engineering works undertaken by them. 

    The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Eng. (Prof.) Mrs. Niranjanie Ratnayake, the President Elect for 2016 / 2017 sessions.

  • 12 Oct 2016 4:35 PM | IESL (Administrator)

    Techno Sri Lanka 2016, the National Engineering and Technology Exhibition organized by the apex body for the engineering profession the country, the IESL, for the 31st consecutive year, concluded on Sunday, 9th October, 2016 after  three days of exposition of innovative and cutting edge engineering  products and services. Eng. Nihal Rupasinghe, Secrertary to the  Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development declared open  the exhibition on the first day while Hon. Patalai Champika Ranawaka, Minister of Megapolis and Western Development himself did the honour on the second day of the exhibition. Hon. Ajith  P. Perera,  Deputy Minister of Power and Renewable Energy opened it on the third and final day

    The exhibition lived up to the expectations of the large number of visitors from all walks of like including school children. Leading manufacturers and service providers of international brands  represented by local agents, private sector and public sector organizations were very innovative in their displays of novel engineering products and services.

    Universities and other higher education institutions, sectional committees and provincial chapters of the IESL displayed their talents and depictions of engineering related development activities in their respective disciplines and regions The “Building Clinic” giving free advice to visitors engaged in building of their own house and the “Car Clinic” both of which have become permanent features of the exhibition were as usual were a big draw.  So was the Free Seminar Sessions offered by the Civil Engineering Sectional Committee.

    The Members Lounge where members of the  IESL and their families visiting the exhibition are entertained  proved to be an enormous success as it did in the previous years.

  • 12 Oct 2016 2:06 PM | IESL (Administrator)

    Role of sustainable drainage systems in managing floods

    By Eng. (Prof.) Niranjanie Ratnayake, Senior Professor in Civil Engineering at the University of Moratuwa

    Flood Prevention, Protection and Mitigation


    link to the article in the Sunday Times of 9th Oct. 2016

  • 06 Oct 2016 1:40 PM | IESL (Administrator)

    The GOSL has approved a Single Standard for Plugs and Socket outlets in Sri Lanka. The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL), as the regulator for the electricity industry, has formally announced its implementation effective from 16th August, 2016.

    Designers, architects, engineers and technicians: With immediate effect, specify your client requirements only in terms of 13 ampere sockets, and educate your clients about the new single standard of 13 ampere plugs and sockets.

    For more details Click Here


  • 06 Oct 2016 1:37 PM | IESL (Administrator)

    Date: ​28th September 2016; 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

    Topic: ​ ENGINEERS - You Can Do Research - LEARN HOW

    Venue: IESL Wimalasurendra Auditorium.

    Presenters: ​

    1.    Prof. Priyan Dias. CEng, FIE(SL), MIStructE, PhD, BSc(Eng)(Hons.) , DIC

    2.    Dr. Sanjeewa Maithripala. BSc. Eng., MPhil., MSc., Ph.D.

    3.    Dr. S. A. H. A. Suraweera. B.Sc.Eng. (First Class Honours), PhD.

    4.    Dr. Ranjith W. Pallegama. BDS[Hons.], PhD.

    Attendant: 150 participants (All IESL members)

    Proceeding to the Member announcement to register for the program, this was oversubscribed within two days with 150 registrations. Therefore the organizers sent an announcement two days prior to the Program asking registrants to Deregister if they do not wish to participate; letting others in the queue to register. This program had a full house in IESL Wimalasurendra Auditorium with over 150 participants, indicating there is a pent-up need within members on the topic. MESC is planning to have a survey within IESL members as a next step to this training; to cater into more specific requirements of the member.

    During this session following items were discussed

    • What is research and why do research?                   
    • The Scientific Method
    • Finding a good research theme/ research Question (RQ)
    • Characteristics of a good theme/ research Question (RQ)
    • Use of case studies
    • Formulation of the hypothesis and objectives from the RQ
    • Research Process & generalization
    • Writing a good Research Proposal      
    • Panel Discussion

    As the opening presenter Eng. (Dr). D H S Maithripala spoke about the role of Innovation in research. He highlighted how Sri Lanka can refocus on research even at the leading local university levels; to elevate our national position in research in the global context. At the moment Sri Lanka has come further down in Global Innovation Index from 85th rank in 2015 to 96th in 2016. He highlighted how innovation has helped organizations to succeed with examples such as Elon Musk in Tesla & SpaceX. He briefed the forum about basics of scientific method and how good observation of a Physical Behavior ends up in mathematical concept. He also highlighted how his research has been successful with collaboration of private investors.

    Professor Priyan Dias shared his experience under the topic of “Research in Practice”. He explained how imagination and suspicion of an observation becomes grounds for research and how Artificial Neural Networks [ANN] is used in research to identify input and output patterns. Mistakes in research and making use of it, top down reasoning and engaging literature were among his other areas of presentation. Overall he covered how the formation of hypothesis and objectives of research question.

    Dr. Ranjith Pallegama, as the next presenter spoke on the topic “Research Process & Generalization”. He shared his view on how inductive and deductive thinking works in research, importance of Measurement System Analysis [MSA] and sampling.

    Then Dr. Suraweera explained “How to write a good research proposal” with his experience in doing more than 100 research papers. He mainly highlighted what are the main funding agencies in global and national point of view and explained how to write proposals for their requirements. Review criterion of different agencies and how to ensure compliance to them was also explained in his presentation.

    Question & answer session was followed after the presentation. This lecture was most appreciated by the participants as some of them were very keen to know how to do research.

    This session was organized within 2-week time. It was rather fast execution from MESC and IESL staff. Everyone thanked the organizers, who worked fast for execution of the plan. Special thank also goes to sponsors, who made it possible to offer the training with-no-cost to the members participated.

  • 27 Sep 2016 11:03 AM | IESL (Administrator)

    The 142nd  birth anniversary of Late Eng. D J Wimalasurendra was commemorated at the IESL on 15th September 2016 with a memorial lecture on “Future Role of Hydro Power and O&M Challenge” delivered by Eng. T M Sarath K Tilakaratna, Deputy General Manager (Mahaweli Hydro Power Complex), CEB. The lecture was preceded by the lighting of the traditional Oil Lamp and garlanding of the portrait of the late professor by the President of IESL. . Family members of the late professor were also present at the event which was attended by Past Presidents and members of the IESL. 

  • 27 Sep 2016 11:00 AM | IESL (Administrator)

    The IESL commemorated the 109th birth anniversary of Late Prof. E O E Pereira, considered as the  Father of Engineering Education in Sri Lanka, on 13th September 2016 with a memorial lecture on ‘Seismic Status and Macro Seismic Hazard Zonation’ delivered by Eng. (Prof.) H.N. Seneviratne , , Senior Professor in Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,  University of Peradeniya. The lecture was preceded by the lighting of the traditional Oil Lamp and garlanding of the portrait of the late professor by the President of IESL. Family members of the late professor were also present at the event which was attended by Past Presidents and members of the IESL. 

  • 20 Sep 2016 3:17 PM | IESL (Administrator)

    The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka  held its annual Induction and Graduation Ceremony for the year, 2016 on Wednesday, 14th October, 2016 at the Main Hall of the BMICH from 3.00 pm onwards. Vidyajyothi (Prof.) Rezvi Sheriff, Professor Emeritus of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo and Former Director of the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.  Eng. Newton Wickremasuriya Director / Chief Executive O­fficer, Central  Industries PLC, Past President , Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka was the Guest of Honour at the event.

    The induction of 400 Associate Members of the IESL in to the corporate membership as Chartered Engineers was the largest in a year since the incorporation of the IESL in 1968 as the professional body to award Chartered Engineer status in Sri Lanka. The event also saw 82 students of the IESL Engineering Course receiving their certificates having successfully completed the course.

    Junior Inventor of the Year (JIY) Competition – 2015 Scholarship Winners also received their scholarships at the event. Pioneered by the IESL  with the purpose of inculcating creativity and invention among school  children, many of the JIY winners have gone on to win at the national level competition ‘Sri Lanka Science and Engineering Fair’ and therafter  proved their ability to compete  and win event at the Intel international Science and Engineering Fair, the world’s largest international pre-college science competition held annually in the USA.  Winners of  Special Memorial Awards  too received their awards

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