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  • 24 Sep 2013 10:07 AM | IESL (Administrator)
    The IESL New South Wales (Autralia) Chapter  donated engineering books to the University of Jaffna at a simple handing over ceremony held at the university premises  on 13th September, 2013. The books were officially handed over to the Vice Chancellor  of the University of Jaffna,  Snr. Prof. (Ms) Vasanthi Arasaratnam  by the President of the IESL, Eng. Tilak De Silva. It’s just this year that a Faculty of Engineering (located in Kilinochchi ) have been added to the University of Jaffna. Chairmen of the IESL NSW Chapter, Eng. Kamal Fernando participated in the event via SKYPE However Eng. Kandiah Mahadeva of the NSW Chapter who meticulously selected the most useful books and coordinated its  purchase in Australia and transfer to Colombo couldn’t participate in the event, even via SKYPE, due to prior commitments. The discussion that followed the hand over focused on wider cooperation between the IESL and the University of Jaffna. Eng. Shavindranath Fernando - President Elect of IESL, Eng. Arjuna Manamperi - Chairman,  ICT Committee of IESL,Prof.K.Kandasamy -  Professor of Physics , Prof.P.Balasuntharampillai -  Emeritus Professor of Geography, both of the University of Jaffna also attended the event and participated in the discussion. The IESL Northern Provincial Centre which facilitated the handing over event  was represented by its Chairman, Eng. N Suthakaran  and Secretary, Eng. T. Barathithasan and participated in the discussions. They are among those largely involved with the university  in the setting up of the new Engineering Faculty.


  • 06 Sep 2013 10:51 AM | IESL (Administrator)
    Personnel from M/s CodeGen and IESL Staff who played key roles in getting the Wild Apricot, cloud based Membership Management System of the IESL launched on 17th July, 2013 were felicitated at a special ceremony held at the IESL on Tuesday, 3rd September, 2013. President of the IESL, Eng. Tilak De Silva, speaking at the gathering expressed his deep appreciations for the very hard work, often extending to weekends, put in by personnel working as a team under the Project Excellence to make it a success. Chairman, ICT Committee, Eng. Arjuna Manamperi, the driving force behind ICTization of the IESL and playing a pivotal role in the Project Excellence, praised the efforts  that made it possible to complete the project within 5 months. Executive Secretary - Eng. (Ms.) Arundathi Wimalasuriya, Deputy Executive Secretary (Membership) - Eng.(Mrs.) Badra Jayaweera and Deputy Executive Secretary (Education) - Eng. Lilanath Daluwatte also expressed their appreciations.

    Photos and captions:
  • 03 Sep 2013 11:00 AM | IESL (Administrator)

    It was a full day workshop with Dr. Travis Perera from PIM (Post Graduate Institute of Management) facilitating the discussion among fifty plus members. The team members came by invitation extended by the President of IESL.



    The purpose of the workshop was to come up with a Working Business Plan to execute the draft Corporate Plan (Click). The morning session was dedicated to a message from the President that articulated the challenges he faced during his tenure so far in executing operational aspects of the institution and the opportunities we have to improve. Dr. Travis Perera made a great presentation on why an organization like ours should examine structural changes as time goes on. His presentation is here. He summed it up with a video clip of now famous management book "Who Moved My Cheese". Link to Video. In the afternoon session teams were broken according to the nine goals set out in the corporate plan and was tasked to provide specific action items to accomplish the objectives under each goal ( how, who, when, KPI, costs etc.). This followed with presentations from each group and ensuing discussions. 


    The team including some IESL staff went to Kandy in one of the newly acquired railway compartment with all the facilities. It was organized by none other than Eng Palitha Ariyarathna – GM Railway Dept.  who is a corporate member of the institution. The trip allowed much needed bonding among the members and idea sharing in an informal and a comfortable setting. The workshop was followed with a fun filled night of good food, music and fellowship at The Hotel Topaz roof top. On Sunday morning, the team continued informal discussions before leaving to Colombo and other destinations. About 50 attended and more than 40% came from all the provinces and the Council was well represented with President Elect, Vice Presidents, etc. among them. Our Executive Secretary and the two Deputy Executive Secretaries were part of the team. All who attended felt much was accomplished and the time has come to move forward.


    Next step will be to collate all the information from the groups and obtain an analysis from Dr. Travis to be presented to the Council. The President is handling this phase of the project.



    Special thanks go to Eng. S B Wijekoon who organized and coordinated everything in Kandy and made it a productive session and a fun filled fellowship. Similarly, thanks to our IESL staff including Mr. Bimal Samantha ( operations manager) who were behind the arrangements from Colombo and the rest of the staff who traveled with us contributed in many ways.

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  • 03 Sep 2013 9:30 AM | IESL (Administrator)
    The Annual Induction and Graduation Ceremony of the IESL was held at the Waters Edge on Tuesday, 27th August, 2013 from 4.00 pm onwards.

    Prof. (Ms.) Vasanthy Arasaratnam, Vice-Chancellor, University of Jaffna was the Chief Guest and Capt. M.G.Kularatne, Chairman / Managing Director, MAGA Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. was the Guest of Honour. This year more than 150 engineers received Charter status and 34 graduands who completed the IESL Engineering Course successfully received their certificates. Winners of the Junior Inventor of the Year 2013 competition were also awarded scholarships at this event. The large gathering consisted of Council Members, Past Presidents, special invitees, awardees and family / friends who accompanied them.


  • 16 Aug 2013 1:02 PM | IESL (Administrator)

    A District Centre  affiliated to the North Central Provincial Centre of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL) was established on 14th August, 2013 at Minneriya, Polonnaruwa. The event was attended by engineers working in the region.  President of IESL, Eng. Tilak De Silva and Chairman - IESL ICT Committee,Eng. ArjunaManamperi from the IESL parent body in Colombo graced the occasion with their presence. The picturesque Irrigation Department Circuit Bungalow in Giritale was the venue for the event.


    The official event was followed by an evening of fellowship organized by Eng. Gamage, representative of the Irrigation Department in the region, and his able team of young engineers! The setting of the location was perfect, overlooking the Giritale lake, with moon lit clear skies and gentle Rajarata breeze giving the necessary comfort to a gathering of about 50 on a sultry August evening in Sri Lanka.


    This is the second IESL district level organization that has been established by the IESL and it’s affiliated to the North Central Provincial Center. The first one was established earier this year in Kegalle. It’s affiliated to the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Center.


    The IESL under the presidency of Eng. Tilak De Silva is fast trackingachieving of full connectivity with its membership with the use of ICT. Expansion of its sphere of connectivity to district based centresenables interactive group activities such as workshops,  lectures, seminars, etc through live streaming, video conferencing technologieseliminating time and distance barriers  that hitherto prevented member participation in the  IESL activities..


    Speaking at the occasion, Eng. Tilak De Silva emphasized the need to stay focused and the use of its new Membership Management System (Wild Apricot, a cloud based secure software as a service - SaaS platform) to enhance the process through elimination of time and distance barriers to conduct collaborative work 24x365 all over the world. Eng. ArjunaManamperi highlighted the features and benefits of the system and how it can be put to powerful initiatives giving transparency and a direct voice to every member of the institution, no matter where they are. The Chairman of the NC Province, Eng. J. A. D. R. Sujith Kumara initiated the proceedings of the meeting to elect District Center Officers. The following are the office bearers of the new IESL District Centre.


    Selected Committee Members

    Name :     Eng. R.M.P. Karunarathne
    Organization:    Irrigation Department

    Name : Eng. G. RanjanaAmarasinghe
    Organization : National Water Supply & Drainage Board

    Representatives of each Organization



    Eng. W.G.S.S. Bandara

     Provincial Engineering

    Eng. UpaliArampola


    Eng. S.T. Kularathna

     NWS & DB

    Eng. M.G.S.P. Kumara


    Eng. B.N.K. Chandrasekara

     District Secretariat

    Eng. A.K. R. Rathnasekara

     Economic Dev. Ministry

    Eng. W.A.D. Wijesundara 

     Mahaweli Authority

    Eng. Senevirathne


    Eng. B.L. Dilan Kumara


    Eng. S.P.H. Gamage

     Irrigation Department



    With many infrastructure development works such as building of roads , bridges, water supply, agriculture, irrigation, etc. being undertaken,especially under the RajarataNavodaya program of the government,  the North Central Province has a significant   concentration of engineers who find it difficult to attend to the various Continues Professional Development  programmes undertaken by the IESLas the apex body of the profession in Sri Lanka at its head office in Colombo. This is especially so for those in the PolonnaruwaDistrict of the North Central Province. The new District Centre would thus be a boon to engineers in the region due to the facilitation it would provide for ICT based group activities to be conducted in the district.

    IESL Polonnaruwa District Centre opening Event Photos

    IESL first ever District Centre inaugurated in Kegalle | The Sunday times Sri Lanka

  • 11 Aug 2013 7:21 PM | IESL (Administrator)

    Announcement about Reinstatement on 11th August 2013 Sunday Observer

    Announcement about Reinstatement on 11th August 2013 Sunday Times

  • 03 Aug 2013 10:09 PM | IESL (Administrator)

    On the 2nd of August 2013. at 5:15 PM Sri Lanka time, the IESL's governing body in Colombo, Head Office - "The Council" which meets every month - for the first time in its history, connected all its Provincial Centers (PC) and its overseas Chapter in Sydney, Australia via tele conferencing facilities.

    (Go to PC and Chapter pages)

    This is the first time in recent decades where all the PCs were participating in this monthly event. Such participation in-person has been very impractical given the distance and time barriers. It was the first time the overseas chapter participated since its inception three years ago. The technology provided by the Sri Lanka Telecom ( only requires a personal computer, webcam, and Internet connectivity. Since PCs and Australian Chapter are widely dispersed entities with varying Internet connectivity quality, it was interesting to see the robustness and the quality of sounds and pictures. This is another major milestone in the digital revolution at IESL to make it a model organization that embraces ICT for better transparency and collaboration among its 13,000 plus membership - growing yearly. IESL plans to make it a monthly practice from now on.
  • 25 Jul 2013 9:06 AM | IESL (Administrator)
    IESL has revamped its official Facebook and Twitter pages. The page is full of daily informative postings of much value to the members especially to Students, Public, and young engineers. IESL has a dedicated team now to manage the page and all those who have Facebook and Twitter accounts should connect! Current intention is to make the page a window to the world of engineering for many aspiring school children and engineering undergraduates.

    Facebook Page:
    Twitter pages:

  • 17 Jul 2013 9:32 AM | IESL (Administrator)

    We have taken a giant step towards serving our members, engineering profession, and the society. As a first step, we have launched the web front of the system on the 16 of July, 2013. We plan to release access to "members only" areas in the next few days. Current members of all levels will receive access credentials via email.

    IESL Members' Responsibility: Remember, this system is yours, you have to maintain up-to date information in your profile.. The key is your E-mail. If you receive access instruction mail into your company email or official one, please change it to your private email address (Ex. or Also you cannot have the same email as your family member's if he/she a member at IESL

    At go-live, there are about 12,500 members of all categories. We have worked diligently to contact each one of them during the data cleansing process to obtain email and other vital information. Yet, not all of them have a valid email address thus preventing IESL sending login credentials. If YOU are a current member and did not receive an email by 31st of July, 2013, please contact the Membership Department ( go to Contact IESL). We also suggest you to check your Spam folder for an email from the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka.

    Update Your Profile: Once you login to the system, you will be taken to your profile (if not click MyIESL and go to Member Self Services) where you have to update your information appropriately. We encourage you to change your first name to descriptive pattern for easy recognition by your peers, check and complete your contact information, upload a picture, indicate your IESL Provincial Center, select the discipline by which you obtained membership, educational / professional information, your activities with IESL, etc. In other words, fully complete the profile, it is to your advantage. 

    Set Privacy Preferences: By going to Privacy settings you can control what you want to show to the Public and Members of the institution who are your colleagues.

    Benefits of the System: 

    Access to IESL's first ever digital membership directories and the ability to find and communicate with colleagues. First ever Chartered Engineers Directory with your name if you are a corporate member. This and few other directories with professional certifications are shown to the Public with minimal information (name, membership number, etc. but no personal data or contact information)

    Ability to update your membership profile data (what is allowed to be updated by a member). Ability to maintain your privacy by showing what you want the members to see and managing your desire to receive or not receive emails from members.

    Ability to pay membership dues via a payment gateway using a credit card or traditional means and yet inform the Membership department and track until all is settled..  Receive a proper receipt to your email.

    Multiple email alerts when membership fees become due so that you would not forget

    Receive email alerts on events, announcements, etc. Register for various events such as lectures and add them to your own calendar.

    Discuss and find answers to your technical and professional questions in members only forums. Ability to see Council activities and the means to communicate with the Council and the President via the forum dedicated fir that, irrespective of where you are. Contribute to the society by answering questions from the public in "Ask an Engineer" forum.

    Find jobs or post available jobs to the exclusive members' Job Posting forum

    Ability to apply for membership or transfers online and track the process

    Request various Secretarial services such as request for an IESL seal. online and track the progress. 

    Online store from where you can purchase items

    e-SLEN (digital newsletter) directly to your email with enhanced multimedia

    Show case your project, design, place of work, etc. by submitting your photographic master pieces that will be selected by the Admin for display on the Home Page slider!

    View recorded lectures, seminars, etc. on IESL media channel. Also get alerts on live streaming events and watch such events

    Individual web pages to sectional and Council appointed committees, chapters, provincial centers where one gets a forum, news feed, photo blog, etc. to keep "focused and localized " buzz.

    If you have any clarifications, please contact the Membership Department. Go to Contact IESL.

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