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How to Achieve the Maximum Fuel Efficiency of Hybrid Vehicles by Tharaka Liyana Arachchi
How to Achieve the Maximum Fuel Efficiency of Hybrid Vehicles by Tharaka Liyana Arachchi  

Energy is a basic need of every human being and has a higher demand compared to other similar needs. Majority of this energy need is used for transportation and highly used sources of energy are fossil fuels, which is getting depleted rapidly. Because of this, scientists and engineers all-over the world are concerned about energy conservation as a higher priority. As humans living on earth, we all have a responsibility to save energy in all the ways possible until a proper technology comes up for utilizing solar energy, which is the only free and non-depletable energy source. Simply we must not waste what we have now as in the near future they will probably vanish and will not be available at all.


I meant to write this article as I have seen several scenarios where people tend to say that their hybrid vehicles consume more fuel than expected. One good example is, one of my friends, who is travelling in the same area, said that the fuel consumption is averagely 17.5 km/l, whereas I have the same vehicle having an average rate of 21 km/l. First we need to understand the fact, that the fuel economy is depend on the way we drive the vehicle as well as the design parameters. So the same vehicle will consume different fuel amounts in the same route, if we drive the vehicle in different ways.


Total number of registrations of motor cars, from 2010 to 2015 is 285,292 and the number of hybrid cars registered during 2014 and 2015 is 60,657 which is about 44% of the total motor cars registered during that period. This clearly indicates that people are biased towards the hybrid vehicles and it is basically because of the higher fuel efficiency compared to other non-hybrid cars. The aspiration of this article is providing the proper guidelines to achieve the maximum fuel efficiency in hybrid vehicles.

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