In Loving Memory of Eng. Kamal Fernando....
In loving memory of Kamal Fernando....

It’s rarely one finds it difficult to differentiate things that are official and personal.For the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL)the loss of Eng. Kamal Fernando through his untimely demise  is one such instance. The news of his passing away came at a time when the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka, the parent body and its NSW Chapter of which he was the Immediate Past Chair, were basking in the glory of IESL being admittedto the Washington Accord just a few days before. Eng. Kamal who played a vital role in it, before his unexpected demise, would have had the added satisfaction of the cordial relations he helped establish between the IESL and Engineers Australia (EA), a founder signatory of the WA. Officialdomalone could not have achieved the rapporthe had with the EA. To us at IESL he was many things at the same time.His relationship with each and every one of us is most probably that way.

This Special Digital SLEN sees it appropriate to bring excerpts of some of the eulogies delivered at this sad occasion that brings out the man Eng. Kamal Fernando was:

Eng. Shavindranath Fernando, President of IESL

“He was a man of substance dedicated to his work, to the well-being of his colleagues and to his all countrymen as much he was to his beloved family.”

“After he became the Chair of the IESL NSW Chapter, he devoted much of his time towards promoting the credentials of IESL to become an internationally recognized accreditation body. He was one of the key persons who was instrumental in arranging a meeting between the IESL and Engineers Australia (EA) in this regard, which resulted in Engineers Australia coming forward to assist us in our endeavour to gain full signatory status of the Washington Accord. The support extended to the IESL by the EA at the meetings of the International Engineering Alliance held in Wellington, New Zealand in June, 2014 at which the IESL’s admission as a full signatory of the Washington Accord was finally endorsed by the other full signatories was a direct consequence of the cordial relations that were established after the meetings in Sydney, Australia through the intervention of Eng. Kamal Fernando.

As the Chair of the New South Wales Chapter , he took the lead in donating a set of IT equipment to the IESL library which has now become very popular among the members patronizing the library”.


Eng. Tilak De Silva, Immediate Past President of IESL

“ Late Eng. Kamal Fernando was a key influencer & contributor in this very important achievement of Sri Lanka at a time when his motherland is rapidly moving towards becoming an international Knowledge Hub by 2020. He was behind the scene through the whole process. During his term (2012/2013) as the Chair - IESL NSW Chapter, he visited IESL HQ and discussed urgent and important requirements. He made critical arrangements to have an official discussion with the President IE Australia during my visit in September 2013. As a result, a few IESL Accreditation Board members had the opportunity to participate as observers and learn from the evaluation process behind the Accreditation in Newcastle, Australia. This was a turning point in IESL’s seven year long journey towards obtaining the full membership of Washington Accord. Therefore, I like to express my sincere gratitude to Kamal and the nation salutes him! He never forgot his roots!! “


Mahinda Karunaratne, Chair, the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka, NSW Chapter

“ His role in the organisation dates back to 2010 when he became a committee member. In 2011, he became Vice-Chair and the following year, the Chair of IESLNSW. Throughout this period, Kamal’s admirable work has won him great respect and friendships within our community. In particular, were his efforts in developing a strong relationship between IESL and Engineers Australia. This played a direct role in assisting IESL to achieve Washington Accord status (which obtained acceptance for Sri Lankan Engineering degrees in many other countries) which will leave an important lasting legacy for future young Sri Lankan engineers.”


Dr. Marlene Kanga, National President Engineers Australia 2013

“ Through Kamal, I developed strong links with IESL in both Sydney and Sri Lanka. After attending the 2013 Annual Dinner organised by IESL NSW Chapter, I was able to arrange the first official meeting between the President of EA and the President of IESL, attended by me, then IESL President Mr.Tilak De Silva, Kamal and EA staff. This meeting resulted in two IESL representatives observing an accreditation visit at the University of Newcastle in August 2013. In addition to an enormous effort made by the IESL officials in Colombo, this experience played a part for IESL to achieve recognition as a permanent signatory to the Washington Accord at the International Engineering Alliance meeting held in June 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand. More than 20 countries are signatories to this Accord which provides mutual recognition of engineering degree qualifications”.


Maya Amaraweera, Past President of IESL NSW Chapter

“I do not have to say much to you Kamal! Everyone of us who joined the IESL NSW Chapter teams had only one dream, one innocent dream - a dream to reach high and grow fast! In this, as we all know, you played a significant role “.


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In loving memory of Kamal Fernando....
In loving memory of Kamal Fernando....
In loving memory of Kamal Fernando....
In loving memory of Kamal Fernando....
In loving memory of Kamal Fernando....
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