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Industrial Visit to Sri Lanka Navy Boat Manufacturing Yard at Welisara
Industrial Visit to Sri Lanka Navy Boat Manufacturing Yard at Welisara

Thirty members of Mechanical Engineering Sectional Committee participated in an industrial visit to Sri Lanka Navy Boart Manufacturing Yard at Welisara on 2nd August 2016.


The visit was very informative and successful. Following is a brief description about the visit.


The facility is called as INSHORE PATROL CRAFT CONSTRUCTION PROJECT (IPCCP) and was established in 2000 to cater the needs of Sri Lanka Navy to combat the terrorist activities in North and East and rendered a great service in winning the war.


In order to safe guard the territorial waters of motherland they have started the fabrication of Battle Boats and small boats ( Swarm) to eradicate terrorism in Sri Lanka. These Battle Boats, namely Arrow Rider and Wave Rider IPC, have special features such as Lower profile, Greater speed, Superior maneuverability, High fire power and Ultra shallow water operating capability etc., to meet tailor made requirements of the prevailed counter terrorist activities.


The Swarm Boats use the concept of “swarming tactics” with a flotilla of boats (surrounding in a circular form), also were need of the hour. However , Sri Lanka Navy has now started the manufacturing of special boats for special operations, coastal protection, harbor defence, assistance to marine community and various purposes . Their latest addition , Ambulance Boat, is of great assistance to people living in small islands.


They have complete facilities for on-site GRP/FRP (fibre materials) ship construction and modifications. The dedicated staff has best technical expertise and they are qualified to undertake marine requirements.


Participants of the Industrial Visit wish to thank Commander Rajapaksha, Commander Dinuk Bogahawaththa (Active Member of MESC) and all staff of Sri Lanka Navy for their hospitality, dedication to show all the steps of fabrication of boats as well as the transfer of the knowledge in this specialized field.


Eng. Gamini Sandanayake
Coordinator – Industrial Visits (MESC of IESL)

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