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Sports Engineering in Sri Lanka?
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President's Corner
Eng. (Dr.) S.B. Wijekoon

Welcome back to the corner. We are back at our desks, with our batteries fully recharged by the long and restful holidays of Avurudu and Vesak. At IESL it’s time for preparing for the period of hectic activities ahead that will climax at the Annual Sessions in October 2015. The Call for Papers for the Technical Session is already announced. So has the Call For Papers for the Young Members’ Technical Session and for the two Water Resources Development Competition sponsored respectively by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and the St Anthony’s Industries Group.

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Council Decisions
Council Decisions

After lapse of many years, in March, The Council decided to post its monthly decisions in the forum "Meet President and The Council" which is accessible from the home page. Members are encouraged to view and comment if appropriate and be partners of the transparent journey. The Council meet every First Friday of a month and it's decisions are approved for publication in the next Council Meeting.


Members are encouraged to subscribe to this or any other forum while in a forum (link at the top right corner of a forum's main page) to get auto updates on posting to their emails.

b April Council Decisions
b March Council Decisions

Sports Engineering in Sri Lanka?
Sports Engineering in Sri Lanka?

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Sports Engineering is a field of engineering that involves the design, development and testing of sport equipment. Where are we in Sri Lanka with respect to Sports Engineering?


I will start with two experiences I had on the above subject. One was in 2009, when I fancied investigating the secrets of fast and bouncy cricket pitches and my research team met with the then chief curator of Sri Lanka Cricket.


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Electric or Hydraulic Transmission, Where does Sri Lankan Railways head? by D. U. L. Peeligama
Electric or Hydraulic Transmission, Where does Sri Lankan Railways head? by D. U. L. Peeligama

The advent of the Class S9 Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) in the year 2000 marked a watershed in the annals of Sri Lankan Railways. These DMUs built by China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation had electric transmission and all subsequent DMU orders since have favoured this type of transmission. Up to that point, commencing with the Schindler Class S2 obtained in 1959, DMUs in Sri Lanka had sported hydraulic transmission. One could argue that the English Electric Class S1 of the 1930s were the very first DMUs with electric transmission on Sri Lankan soil. However, the fact that the S9s displayed a radical departure from preferences for a transmission type hitherto favoured, cannot be ignored.


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Converting Magampura Port, Mattala Airport and Sooriyaweva Cricket Grounds to Make Them Economic Assets to the Country by Eng. A.L.G. Wijeyekoon
Converting Magampura Port, Mattala Airport and Sooriyaweva Cricket Grounds to Make Them Economic Assets to the Country

The above Projects have up to date proved to be a liability to the country’s economy although they were started with the idea of bringing economic benefits to the south. However they can be made to earn much needed foreign exchange and this short paper attempts to show how this could be done. It may be necessary to incur some capital expenditure in the process; but this will heavily outweigh the annual losses being made at present. An important factor is the close proximity of the 3 sites to each other which would save on transport costs and other related factors.


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Power Sector Policy Interventions in View of Coal Power Generation by Eng. Jayantha Ranatunga
Power Sector Policy Interventions in View of Coal Power Generation by Eng. Jayantha Ranatunga

Now that coal has become the major source of fuel for the generation of electricity, we need to rethink on the tariff policy of the power sector. If we accept electricity as a fundamental right of the society such as food, health, education, clean water, unpolluted air etc.; then the present policy of providing power at the lowest bracket at a ‘heavy’ subsidy is justified. Further if we allocate the nature’s gift of hydropower, which belongs to the entire nation, one may even argue that the so-called subsidy is a myth as that is the real cost of hydro power.


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Can’t you really spare a minute?
Can’t you really spare a minute?

Most of the times, the common excuse we hear when we inquire somebody why did not they do something is “I was too busy” or “I did not have time”.


But, when we look closely, most of the time the particular errand takes less than a few minutes. So, do we mean that we could not spare ten minutes for some work. When we have 6 X 24 slots of ten minutes in one day? Do we spend each and every minute of the day performing more worthwhile tasks?


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ICT Corner
New Digital Directories for the Charter Process
New Cool Features of the IESL Membership Management System

Dear Member,


Now you have the access to following two very useful directories for corporate and none-corporate members through the Directories page ( from www.iesl.lk home page) or Member page. To see full details of a record in either directory, first login to MyIESL and then access directories.



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