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Development activities and their consequences
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President's Corner
Eng. (Dr.) S.B. Wijekoon

In my previous message I spoke of my impending visit to New Zealand and I am pleased to inform you that I had the privilege of inaugurating IESL New Zealand Chapter in Auckland on 31 January, 2015 with the participation of large number of engineers living and working in New Zealand. I am also proud to mention that our colleagues there have established themselves as highly regarded in their professional fields and command the respect of others in that country.

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Development activities and their consequences
Development activities and their consequences

Recently, one of my old students, who is from Bandarawela contacted me to express her opinion on Uma oya project. She has been so nervous (as an engineer) due to the pressure from her community to do something to solve this problem.


Public perception about this project is so negative and as she is also from the same vulnerable area, now suffering due to lack of water, is not an exception. She wants IESL to do something and I persuaded her to talk with the regional chapter.

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Improving SLEN Content
Improving SLEN Content

One of the most powerful features of our membership management system is its digital FORUMS. They can be accessed anytime, from anywhere in the world by going to IESL homepage with login credentials.


FORUMS provide us a perfect platform to collaborate, discuss, build momentum, get collective suggestions, etc. 365 days 24 hrs. This is a great thing given our busy schedules and the need for transparency/democracy.

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Class M10, New comer to DEL family of SLR by Eng. K. G. S. Bandara
Class M10, New comer to DEL family of SLR

09 Diesel Electric Locomotives (DEL) made by Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW), Varanasi-221004 India, named as M10 started running on the rails of Sri Lanka in May 2012. After the tests, trial runs and official commissioning, M 10-916 started the commercial service by hauling goods train no. 497 on 12 May 2012 to Anuradhapura. It can easily haul a train with a load of 75. During the load test runs it hauled trains with load of 80. (80 Load = 80x11.7 tones)


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Astrology and our destiny: Believe in self rather than unknown planets - by Eng. Thushara Dissanayake
Astrology and our destiny: Believe in self rather than unknown planets

Astrology has become a part and parcel of our culture except few ethnicities living in our country. This was a hot topic in our political arena as well during the recent past. We are a risk-averse nation. Whenever we have to take risky decisions we tend to rely on astrological forecasts based on the horoscope rather than our abilities. Many of us commence important tasks and celebrate special life events according to auspicious times.


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ICT Corner
Update about Member Forums
Update about Member Forums

It has been 20 months since we launched the "system" ( Wild Apricot) in July of 2013. The key word is "system" because although we interact with its web interface, underneath is one of the top "membership management systems" in the world for small to midsize organizations where the main business process is membership management. It's not an ERP system ( enterprise resource planning) as some of us refer to it still. ERP systems are "not" membership management systems.


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