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Electrified Railways - Necessity Yesterday !!
Electrified Railways - Necessity Yesterday !!
Sri Lanka Railways celebrated 150 years of existence in 2014. The idea to electrify Sri Lanka Railways was first broached in 1920s by none other than our eminent engineer, late D J Wimalasurendra. In 2008, IESL gave a well documented feasibility report to GoSL. After nearly 90 years, the Nation is still waiting to reap the benefits of railway electrification. On the 9th of May, 2016, IESL held a massively successful public discussion organized by the Mechanical Engineering Sectional Committee to tell the Nation, Policy Makers, Politicians, Technocrats, etc. that the wait should be over. The event was well publicized with a media blitz on almost every news paper in all three languages, days prior to the event . Following are the links to the Public Discussion and some of the articles before and after the event:
Electrified Railways   Panadura-Veyangoda railway to be electrified
Electrified Railways   IESL requests Govt. use available concessionary financing for railway electrification and modernisation project
Electrified Railways   Railway electrification: Why hesitate?
Electrified Railways   Railway electrification the way forward
Electrified Railways - Necessity Yesterday !!   d2
Electrified Railways  
Electrified Railways  
Electrified Railways
Electrified Railways
MESC Public Lecture Organization Team
Eng. Asitha Jayarathna
Eng. Mahesh Dharmasena
Eng. Damith Sendhira
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Electrified Railways Soon to be a Reality
Electrified Railways Soon to be a Reality
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