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Present Status and the Future of the Sri Lankan Power System
President Corner -Prof. NR
President's Corner
Eng. (Prof.) Mrs. Niranjanie Ratnayake

As I pen these words, I realize that three months of the 2017/18 session is now complete. Months of November and December saw the Annual General Meetings of all Provincial Chapters of IESL, and I was happy to participate in the AGM’s of Southern, Eastern, Sabaragamuwa, Wayamba and Kandurata Chapters as the President of IESL.


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Editorial - Magic Internet Money
Editorial - Magic Internet Money

Last week, I was having a chat with a group of young Engineers who were much worried as the “Bitcoin” price has fallen significantly. Some of them were investing or thinking to invest on Bitcoin which has become the de facto standard of cryptocurrencies.


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Present Status and the Future of the Sri Lankan Power System
Sri Lankan Power System

The presentation consisted of the present status of the power system, results of Long Term Generation Expansion Plan (LTGEP) including proposed capacity additions & energy mix for the future, commitments to COP 21 & other environmental aspects, major projects in the pipeline, cost impact of different generation technologies and future transmission network development. Further the resource persons highlighted the increased focus on renewable energy power plant development including large scale solar and wind power parks. Read more... >>>

Free Trade Agreements - Bane or Boon?
Free Trade Agreements - Bane or Boon?

In the current climate of arguments against Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) that border on histrionics, it is useful to look back into the history of development of free trade ideas. The first coherent treatise on the subject was the book authored by Scottish economist and philosopher Adam Smith in 1776 titled "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations" (widely known by its short tile of "The Wealth of Nations"). Read more... >>>

Safety in Buildings - by Eng (Dr) Anandada Ranasinghe
Safety in Buildings

First thing that an Engineer would like to ensure is that the foundations are strong enough to support a building. A Structural Engineer would carefully evaluate loads acting on each and every column and know the worst possible load combination that could be used as the maximum load on the column. Without doing these calculations, he cannot evaluate the type of foundation that has to be used in a building. When I say type of foundation, there are different types of foundations, provided by Structural Engineers to support a building. Read more... >>>

The right professional for the right position- The first step
right professional

Recently, this writer browsed a few vacancies advertised in the website of a leading Sri Lankan University. The purpose was purely academic. To his amazement and utter disappointment, the advertisement and the position requirements were so poorly documented. Then, the same was done for a leading semi-government organisation. The documents were found better in quality but far below from the international standards. Read more... >>>

clay roof
සොඳුරු නිවහනට රුසිරු පෙනුමක් දෙන මැටි සෙවිලි උළු

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Occupational Stress by Eng. Manoj V.
Occupational Stress by Eng. Manoj V.

Despite the world is becoming more and more knowledgeable, still millennial generation is struggling to find a job. The organizations have understood their demands in the job market and are using this situation well by increasing the workload to the employees who don’t want to leave their job. This is a bitter pill to swallow, but the increased work load can convert an energetic employee to worthless. Needless to say, success of an organization directly depends on the quality of employees. Read more... >>>

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Attention! Council Decisions Now Available in the IESL Web Site
Council Decisions

IESL Council elected by the corporate members every session is entrusted with the responsibility of governing matters related to IESL and its members. It meets once a month on the first Friday and as needed on specially scheduled days. Decisions taken at a meeting are ratified in the following meeting and published on the website via a secure link here.


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IESL 112th Annual Sessions
IESL 112th Annual Sessions

The paper should be of value and interest to Engineers and aimed at making a contribution to the advancement of the Profession of Engineering. It must be based on review of past practice, information of current interest, or probing into new fields of engineering activity. It should be a presentation of thought provoking study contributing to planning, analysis, design, construction, fabrication, production, management or maintenance of Engineering works. Read more... >>>

IESL Sectional Committee News
IESL Sectional Committee News
IESL Sectional Committee News
IESL Sectional Committee News
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