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next parliamentary election
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President's Corner - Member participation in the Annual Sessions related events
Eng. (Dr.) S.B. Wijekoon

Dear Members,


Welcome back to the corner. In the previous issue’s corner I have mentioned about the important IESL events that are usually held in the latter half of the session. In this issue I would like to focus on member participation in the Annual Sessions related events.

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Council Decisions
Council Decisions

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b Council Decisions - May 2015

Vote for Engineers
Vote for Engineers

Nominations for the next parliamentary election are over and now we are about to elect another bunch of MPs to our parliament. Since independence we have elected thousands of MPs and most of them have ultimately betrayed us. However, it is a known fact that Sri Lanka had its most educated team in parliament when we got the independence. Now, it is totally opposite and only few educated people are elected as MPs, even with a very high literacy rate of more than 90%.


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Can EMD Locomotives make a Comeback on Sri Lankan Rails?
Can EMD Locomotives make a Comeback on Sri Lankan Rails?

Mention the Class M2 locomotive in Sri Lankan railway circles and railwaymen and rail fans alike will run out of superlatives in heaping praise on this iconic piece of machinery. Their advent on the island’s rails way back in 1954 heralded a new era in the history of rail transportation in the country. The first five locomotives came as aid from Canada under the Colombo Plan. Due to their exceptional performance more were ordered later, until the class grew to a strength of fourteen.


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Enhancement of Quality Of Life through Standardization by Uthayakumar
Enhancement of Quality Of Life through Standardization

Standardization focuses on finding solutions to problems/issues and uses of these solutions to avoid control and reduce these problems/issues in future. Problems/issues can be categorized as failure/reject/ rework/risk/impact/delays etc. Any non-compliance that happens when there is non-fulfillment of identified requirements or risk related to compliance with the identified requirements or non identification of requirements for these problems/issues at any interactions between activities/systems/resources/ products/ environment/ energy/ information etc can be the reason for these problems/issues.


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Is he an “Inventor in the making”? By Eng Jayantha Ranatunga
Is he an “Inventor in the making”?

I know this is a subject many intellectuals, professionals and academics are reluctant to comment on due to possible criticism by the public. I too would be reluctant to write this same piece in the public press. However I am encouraged to share this with my learned colleagues as I have seen how very bright youngsters lose their self confidence, esteem and enthusiasm when they are unable to reach the promised success by the press, colleagues, teachers and many others.


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Productivity Improvement in State Institutions
Productivity Improvement in State Institutions

Running a state bureaucracy is expensive and have to get our money's worth. The entire political establishment depends on what the ordinary people pay in terms of direct and indirect taxes. Look at the number of official vehicles that are parked in front of government buildings. Even those vehicles are maintained at public expense. All government institutions are established in order to promote public welfare. They exist to serve the people but the question we must ask is, do those institutions do their job properly.


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ICT Corner
Get used to Twitter via your mobile phone ( SMS )
Get used to Twitter via your mobile phone ( SMS )

Twitter is a POWERFUL COMMUNICATION TOOL that can be used to manage projects, collaborate, keep everyone in the loop, etc. by reaching massive groups of people all over the world or few selected people. As a result Twitter is a darling among marketers, activists, politicians! We too can put it to many PRODUCTIVE uses ..it's limited by our imagination.


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