Selection of Solar PV System for Your Home
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Sister organizations in and around the region

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It is with great pleasure that I bring this message to you with the lots of experience I gained within the last couple of months when I visited some of our sister organizations in and around the region.

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Engineers’ Night 2014
Engineers’ Night 2014

It has been a long time since the previous engineers night till the 2014 night held on 10th May; I think it was more than 5 years. We all must salute the Past President Eng. B.R.O. Fernando for his personal interest in organizing this wonderful event. This type of gathering brings old buddies together and it is always enjoyable to listen to old stories of friends.

This night reiterated the need for such gatherings among engineers. I remember onceIESL civil sectional committee organized a ship cruise and some members even could not obtain a ticket due to heavy demand. Read more >>>

Selection of Solar PV System for Your Home - by Eng. Jayantha Ranatunga, Past President, IESL
Selection of Solar PV System for Your Home

As we all know solar energy is not a source of firm continuous power made available on demand, unlike a Diesel generator or a hydro power plant. Solar power is only available during the day time and that too varying from low in the morning to high at noon and again low towards the afternoon hours. It is further distorted due to very much unpredictable cloud cover.

In addition to these diurnal variations it is also affected by seasonal variations such as the two monsoons.

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Food for Healthy Life by Eng. L. G. Jansz
Food for Healthy Life by Eng. L. G. Jansz

Do you accept that the main reasons for most of the diseases are due to lack of vitamins, minerals and fiber in your body? The main reason for that is the food we take are unbalanced.

Mostly we take rice, bread, string hoppers, pittu, rotti as our daily food. Those are full of starch. The chart indicates that the starch content of this food is more than the other nutritional contents.

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CPD COURSE : Designing of Fire Detection and Protection Systems
CPD COURSE : Consideration in the Design of Waste water Collection, Treatment, Disposal/Reuse and Storm Water Drainage
Modular Chemical and Food Production Facilities in Sri Lanka
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