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President's Corner_Eng-J-Meegoda
President's Corner
Eng. Jayavilal Meegoda 2016-17  

Dear Members,


Welcome to the President’s Corner for the 2016/2017 sessions under my presidency.


As my opening message through this column I would like to convey that, as I had mentioned in my presidential address at the inauguration of the 110th Annual Sessions of the institution, I would be forging ahead towards achieving ever higher levels of the objectives which are core to the rapid progress of the institution towards its stated vision.


The activities I envisaged as key to achieving this goal I had already embarked upon, both as the President Elect and Vice President / Chairman of various committees; PSMC, CPD, L & P, JIY, Techno, in the past few years. The progress that have been achieved; a record 400 Associate Members successfully elevated themselves in to the fold of Corporate Membership in 2016, many fold increase in the number of participants in CPD programmes, Professional Review ‘B’ Paper exams being held for the first time in the history of the IESL in an overseas chapter, the JIY competition being what it is today with its affiliations to the IntelISEF compared to its simple stature when I first assumed its chairmanship, being noteworthy results of very hard efforts would nevertheless be redoubled in this session to achieve greater heights.


Member participation in IESL activities have shown a positive turnaround in recent times and I hope to carry the trend to many other areas like timely responding to national issues, popularizing engineering among school children and other social responsibility undertakings that would win appreciation among the public for engineers’ role in society. The Junior Inventor of the Year programme has already made inroads in to households as an avenue to encourage creativity and invention among school children and I hope to carry this further towards encouraging university undergraduates and members towards invention, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Ensuring internationally recognized and locally relevant standards in the professional practice and education in engineering being part of its stated mission, the IESL will be dynamically and contantly engaged with international and local mechanisms that facilitate it. Thus active engagements with Washington Accord, International Professional Engineers’ Agreement, Accreditation of local engineering education programmes, Engineering Council Bill, etc. will be high on the institution’s priority list.


The IESL Secretariat, its systems and processes to be more customer-friendly, efficient, focused and productive will always be my prime concern.


I shall strive to keep you regularly updated through this column and would appreciate members’ feed backs to any matter discussed here. Thank you


Thank you.


Eng. Jayavilal Meegoda
President of IESL

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