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Editorial - Eng. Indika W.

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Our Society is becoming increasingly complex. The demand for more food, water, energy, and the need for mobility and connectivity for ever growing population has become a Global challenge. As Engineers we play a key role in meeting and addressing these challenges. The need of this hour is to provide smart solutions for these demands and service the mankind while minimizing the damage to our environment and ensuring the public safety.


In this November issue of SLEN, I have tried to collate articles from our members related to some of the contemporary topics discussed in national forums. We should critically discuss the engineering answers to above social demands not forgetting the socio-economic impact of these solutions. As the Apex body of Engineering in Sri Lanka the IESL has become a focal point for some of these discussions. Increasingly this institution shall play the role of The National Engineering Think Tank while promoting innovations through its activities including discussions, workshops, and publications like SLEN, national newspapers, and social media.


The Engineering Profession is expanding into exciting fields with the development of technology. Throughout the history there had been these challenges and the opportunities for advancement. Whether it is the first human landing on moon, Internet connecting humans machines and things,.. The Engineers were the brains behind these achievements. In such context how much more we can do as current Sri Lankan Engineers? This is one area, I would like to hear from you during this 2016/17 session as topics for SLEN.


Further, I am proposing to have a SLEN issue addressing the areas of Engineering Professional Practice and Engineering Education in Sri Lanka. Your articles in this regard will be precious.


All our members are welcomed to write to me especially on your engineering projects, achievements, even failures from which we can learn a lot.


I am eagerly waiting to publish news from our provincial and foreign chapters where much is happening.



Eng. Indika Walpitage

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