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IMPORTANT: Check your MyIESL Profile settings to ensure you get "all" IESL communiques

Dear Member,


IESL went fully digital in their communiques few years ago.


You should get regular events notifications, annual subscription notifications , monthly digital SLEN and other special messages from the Secretariat to your email in box. If you don't get some or all of those as a current member, you are missing a lot.


You can fix it. Here's how:


1. Login to MyIESL from www.iesl.lk home page ( right menu). If you have forgotten the password, reset online. Your username is your email to which you received this communique


2. Click the Member Self Service link to go to My Profile page


3. Click Email Subscriptions and see whether you have the top two boxes checked ( see the attached screen shot) and even a third set of checks to indicate the forums ( access Forums from Home Page) to which you subscribe to. You subscribe to a forum to get auto updates from it by going to a forum ( not from your profile)


4. If not checked, click Edit Profile button


5. Then go again to Email Subscription settings page and click what's allowed to be checked. Scroll down and Save. Then check the settings again.


If your settings were ok at step #3. Then emails from IESL are going to Junk/Spam ..go to that folder in your email system and move them to in box. You will begin to receive IESL emails to in box.


If you need any assistance email ieslitadmin@iesl.lk giving your name with initials, membership number with prefix, and email address used in the system. You must send the email to the IT Admin from that email not any other.

Check your MyIESL Profile settings to ensure you get "all" IESL communiques
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"All Council Members can be contacted via email or phone by first login as a member to MyIESL and then acceding the Council Directory. It is also possible to communicate your concerns from anywhere in the world by posting them to the Forum - Meet The President and Council from the Forum page"
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